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  • Collection Here Esprit - black IO581 - Coats - Women's Clothes 2018 - U.j&k-R$_98957

    Collection Here Esprit - black IO581 - Coats - Women's Clothes 2018 - U.j&k-R$_98957

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    contiene partes no textiles de origen animalLargo:por el musloAjuste:tailoredCierre:cremalleraMaterial del relleno:100% poliésterRelleno:100% poliésterDetalle capucha:desmontable,forrada,Capucha desmontable de pelo sintéticoAncho de la espalda:41 cmModelo, altura:177 cm, lleva la talla SEstampado:unicolorLargo de la prenda:84 cmCuello:capuchaDetalles:bolsillos verticalesLargo de la manga:63 cmLargo de manga:manga largaMaterial exterior:47% poliéster, 43% algodón, 10% poliamidaCuidados:lavar a máquina a 30°CED121P008-Q11

    Womens Ankle Boots

    Summer can rely on a single shoe instead, do not have to buy, and buy a very easy summer past a tan tan different colors, looking good. For example, fish mouth shoes, frankly that I am not very able to understand the- meaning of the existence of this shoe is said to reveal the toes, but sometimes see crowded into the toes and toenails, I can only say tired do not love. Like a block on the block moving the bricks, I know the intention is to look high, it can wear high heel, and then bad can wear a slope with ah, loose shoes will not be high, because the piece with your foot shape too far, Will only appear more short legs more cumbersome. Sports shoesWomens should be a push, but love the children themselves will buy, and from the mix that nothing to write, so do not say. Oxford shoesIO581 is myHere class as a pair of the best, not a pair also live down the type, because I wear pants are generally used with high heels If you take the neutral or retro style of the students recommended to a pair. Peas shoes, although comfortable, but with theU.j&k-R$_98957 flat shoes inCoats the egg shoes comparable, so alone noblack need to buy comfortable. It and Le Fu shoes areClothes blocked part of the foot, easy to show legs short, personally think that have not had to buy the degree, so do not push. Knee boots, although wearing a beautiful legs, but for the calf slender stern people will cover the advantages, and with limited space, and this kind of boots cooking is very troublesome, put a summer it is easy to mold, so do not push The Do we wear shoes for what? My point of view has always been not to wear good shoes, to wear up to make their own good shoes, so let yourself look good there are three aspects: 1 show legs long; 2 with the whole match with the color, style echo; The length of the legs is one of the length of the length of the legs (think of the

    High heels Online

    example of the boots above), the other is by extending the length of the shoe (why pointed shoes all love), and then one is Through as much as possible to the feet of the feet. In addition to the above three ideas, an important visual principle isWomen's to let a thing look long, that is, as much as possible so that it is unified, the middle do not have something to interrupt it. Say the color, nude color and black is the most wild we have already said, but the shoes are sometimes used to match the brilliant color bag or other small area color accessories, then you need a pair of brilliant shoes, but Yan Color shoes with the degree is not high, so then we often choose a pair of basic colors plus a small amount of Chromic shoes to match, because a small amount of Chromic, so in general, can also be used as a basic paragraphCollection Here Esprit - black IO581 - Coats - Women's Clothes 2018 - U.j&k-R$_98957 to wear. For example, a pair of black shoes with a little blue lace and so on. Besides the style, all of the above shoes are basically no extra details,

    Red Dresses Sell

    which determines the very wild, but for everyone, not necessarily need a variety of styles can control the shoes, because everyone's basic style So few, but rather reflect some of the details of the style than the basic paragraph to take better. The bow is basically the most common type of detail. It is across the work, daily, dating and so on, from the ladies to handsome can come a pair. However, it is not what bow can Oh! As mentioned above, to considerEsprit the bow on the leg length, as well as a variety of bow to bring the style of the impact. Among them, the top of the bow is undoubtedly not good-looking, because she made the extension of the foot line was interrupted, in addition, this is too long bow will affect the entire shape of the fluff of the toe, so the shoes short legs short. The middle of the pair is relatively good, because the bow size is moderate, but the details of the hair makes this pairCollection of shoes more suitable for autumn and winter. This makes the collocation limited. The bottom of a pair of bow is the most widely used, because the bow size and width are very appropriate, there is no impact on the shape of the shoe itself is not obvious legs short. Simple bow can also control the ladies and handsome wind, and even the workplace is also suitable. Here the picture is not but often see the shoes are black but the bow is a metallic or brilliant color of the style, this is generally used to see their own with the usual choice of the same color of the brilliant color of the bow can be. But it should be noted that Chromic and metallic colors tend to attract the line of sight to the foot, so it will be slightly shorter. And then sum up the bow, wild bow- tie bow is the size of the appropriate, do not cut off the shape of the shoe and the extension of the line, the style is simple. The larger the bow, the lower the formal level, the higher the degree of femininity - so when you choose the bow, please wear the occasion and wear style decisions. Probably painted a bit about the figure, the middle of the size of the deduction is more moderate, the right side of the broad feet wide. Besides the metal buckle, this cold texture of the metal and metal echoes, will be buckled with the rough sense of roughness into a stable, I think the application is good. This pair- of shoes is suitable for the company. The metallic part can be used to brighten - if you wear black tights, such a pair of shoes will make you less boring. Finally say diamond ornaments. Flash drilling style is of course feminine, so with the same feminine fine and pointed satin the most attractive. However, this extreme feminine style2018 (already similar to the wedding shoes) is not easy to control, you have the body with a very texture- Caixing, put on jeans T-shirt wear this shoe to make your jeans T-shirt one minute gray girl. Skin color, skin is not very good sister is not recommended to wear such shoes, will be very violated after wearing. Although it is beautiful, but we want is to make us beautiful but not their own beautiful shoes, so if there is no good match and full personal conditions, or let the shoes stay in your favorites inside it

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